Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Three of the Top Paid Professions of All Time

Are you looking into a career field that will be rewarding in terms of your life goals as well as financially? Here are three of the top paid professions of all time that you will want to look into if you have “making the big bucks” 
part of your ten-year plan.


Surgeons perform medical procedures for people that treat a variety of diseases, illnesses, deformities, and disabilities. On top of a four-year degree, surgeons require five to seven years of additional specialized medical training, which typically includes advanced degrees. Before you balk at all the extra schooling required, consider this: the median salary for surgeons is over $500,000 dollars per year.


Your average dentist will take home a cool $165,000 dollars per year. If you aspire to become a dentist and provide advice on appropriate dental care while taking care of people’s teeth and overall oral hygiene, be prepared for an additional four years of dental school.

Chief Executive Officers

Although the median annual income for chief executive officers is sitting pretty at $683,000 dollars annually, most CEOs will make closer to $370,000 or $997,000 dollars. Chief Executive Officers have many different job functions depending on the industry in which they operate their business but their responsibilities generally include overseeing all aspects of a company including company goals, initiatives, and policies and procedures.
If you are looking for a rewarding career that will also provide you and your family with the income that you need for the quality of life you want, consider one of these three career paths. To learn more about job placement in Waco, please visit this website.

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